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Long Yong Japan Corporation (hereinafter “the Company”) strictly complies with regulations and other norms regarding this Privacy Policy. Information collected by the Company refer to information enabling the identification of individuals, such as names, dates of birth, addresses (by easily comparing them to other information, therefore including information enabling the identification of individuals).

Collection of Personal Information

The Company may collect personal information in the following cases.

  • Inquiries
  • Uniform orders

Use of Personal Information

The Company shall use personal information obtained from its customers if necessary, for the following purposes.

  • To confirm products orders and to deliver them
  • To contact customers (reply to inquiries, confirmations)
  • To send information regarding products and services
  • To analyze services for improvements
  • To offer to customers services suiting their needs

Disclosure of Personal Information to Third Parties

Personal information collected by the Company shall in principle not be disclosed to third parties, except in the following cases.

  • When customers have given their consent, after being informed of the contents of information to be disclosed
  • When the delivery company is requested to deliver products

Management and Protection of Personal Information

The Company shall make proper management of personal information collected and endeavor to prevent any data loss, destruction, alteration, unauthorized access or disclosure.

Disclosure, Modification or Deletion of Personal Information

The Company shall endeavor to manage up-to-date personal information with accuracy. Furthermore, customers shall contact the Company themselves regarding disclosure and deletion of personal information. Disclosure or deletion shall be handled only if the Company manages to confirm that such contact was made by customers themselves, in order to prevent disclosure of personal information to third parties.

Protection of Personal Information

The Company shall endeavor to take necessary encryption measures and data protection regarding information enabling the identification of individuals, such as personal names, addresses, etc., and contents of business transactions, for the Company to respect the privacy of customers using this website.

Scope of Protection of Personal Information

This website contains website links managed by third parties. Protection and treatment of personal information on such websites shall not be in the scope of protection of the present Privacy Policy. Users shall make sure they know about protection and treatment of personal information on such websites. Besides, the Company shall not bear responsibility for any damage arising from the use of other websites whose links are on this website.

Access Log

The following information shall be collected automatically when users access this website. However, personally identifiable information such as names or addresses are not included in the access log.

  • Computer IP address used at the time of the Internet connection
  • Computer and connection information (browser type and version, operating system, platform, etc.)


A cookie is the identification sent to users’ computer by this website through a web browser.

  • The website can detect browsers and plan the improvement of service functionalities, by using cookies.
  • Advertisement for this website is displayed on many websites by third parties distribution companies, including Google.
  • Third parties distribution companies, including Google, use cookies to display advertisement based on past access to this website.
  • By accessing Google advertisement opt out web pages, users can refuse the use of cookies from Google (besides, by accessing Network Advertising Initiative opt out web pages, third parties can refuse cookies from prestigious companies).

What is a cookie?

A cookie is a file saved on a computer when users are using a web page, and contains information about their browsing history and information sent and received between a browser and a server. Thanks to cookies, the administrator of a website can modify its display for each user, for a future access to the same web page. If users allow the transmission and reception of cookies in their browser settings, a website can obtain cookies from the browser. The browser will only send cookies transmitted by this website server, for privacy reasons.

Cookie Settings

  • Users can define cookie settings, by selecting an option such as “authorize all cookies”, “refuse all cookies” or “report to the user any cookie transmission”. Settings may vary according to browsers. Users can get more information about settings by clicking on the help menu of their browser.
  • Choosing to refuse all cookies may restrict the use of some Internet services, such as services requiring authentication.

Use of Cookies

The Company uses cookies in the following cases.

  • To offer users customized services when they log in to the authentication page of this website, thanks to their registration information already saved.
  • To display appropriate advertisement on other companies’ websites, based on the use of this website and contents users are interested in.
  • To analyze the number of users of this website and traffic
  • To improve the Company’s services
  • To promote users’ password re-input (re-authentication) after a fixed period of use, for security reasons

The Company thus saves cookies from this website and may refer to it via Google and Yahoo! JAPAN, based on entrusting Google and Yahoo! JAPAN to display advertisement for this website.


Users are considered to have agreed to this Privacy Policy when using this website. The Company may correct, supplement or delete this Privacy Policy as necessary, in which case it shall be entirely disclosed on this website. Furthermore, if users continue using this website after modification made to this Privacy Policy has been disclosed, the Company shall consider that they have understood and checked the modification.

Revision of this Privacy Policy

The Company will review and revise this Privacy Policy appropriately. The revised Privacy Policy will be displayed on the home page.