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Long Yong Japan Corporation - The ONLY one Sports Apparel Manufacturer & OEM Bearing Actual Results, Trust & Safety. Please find below a description of our business.

  • Production Division

    Here is a presentation OEM businesses, in charge of production after receiving manufacturing requests from partners, such as sports apparel brands, and of ODM businesses, in charge of production after receiving requests regarding operations from designing to manufacturing products.

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  • Production Division (Team Order)

    Presentation of team orders: from designing to manufacturing products such as team sportswear.

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  • Long Yong Factory Operations (China)

    Details regarding our wholly Japanese-owned factory in China. This is where we do quality control, schedule management, and build a variety of systems.

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  • Long Yong Factory Operations (Myanmar)

    Based on our experience of clothing manufacture and production management for the Japanese market, we started producing in Myanmar (ASEAN region) since 2012. Besides, since June 2015, our factory in Myanmar is in charge of secondary processing printing, which is indispensable to sporting clothes. We control the whole process to avoid any trouble arising from printing and aim at making excellent marking.

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    SY32 is the result of a Japanese licensing agreement concluded between the Italian casual wear brand SWEET YEARS and the Long Yong Japan “Apparel Production Division”.

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  • Uniform Division

    Presentation of the Uniform Division, which directly sells soccer and futsal original uniforms to customers. Uniform Division has expanded its operations to Japan, Shanghai and Taiwan.

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