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Long Yong Japan Corporation - The ONLY one Sports Apparel Manufacturer & OEM Bearing Actual Results, Trust & Safety. Please find below a presentation of the Uniform Division, which directly sells soccer and futsal original uniforms to customers. Uniform Division has expanded its operations to Japan, Shanghai and Taiwan.


Uniform Division (Tokyo Sales Office) Staff

Uniform Division (Japan)

The Uniform Division, which directly sells soccer and futsal original uniforms to customers, was established in 2004. We are proud to have had the support of a large number of customers and to have worked for more than 8,000 teams until June 2012. Indeed, Long Yong Japan uniforms have a rich and free design, they are original, sold for a low price thanks to direct sales, after being produced at our factories.


Sales operated by the Uniform Division are mainly done online. Thanks to the color simulator on our homepage, customers can choose the size and color of the uniform they imagined. It is also possible to make a simulation for shorts or socks to be unified with a jersey, and a marking simulation.

Uniform Division website http://www.longyong.jp/

  • Uniform Color Simulator。Uniform Color Simulator。
  • Our designer reproduces faithfully the design chosen by customers.Finely reproduce the design.
  • Sweet Futsal Girls (show made by our company)Sweet Futsal Girls (show made by our company)
  • “Long Yong Cup” futsal competition“Long Yong Cup” futsal competition
  • Long Yong Japan Team organizing a charity eventLong Yong Japan Team organizing a charity event
  • Supporting the F-League Shonan Bellmare as their sponsorSupporting the F-League Shonan Bellmare as their sponsor

Uniform Division (Shanghai)

In 2009, we started selling uniforms in Shanghai, China. It became the main location of our Chinese sales. Since sales in the Japanese Uniform Division have risen and our sales methods have stabilized, we decided to apply the same model in China, with online sales.
In China, we also administrate futsal courts and soccer shops, as part of our activities for the development of soccer and futsal. Futsal courses are held, exchanges are made with Japanese citizens in China. This is a way for us to be a player in the development of this region as a sports center.


At Long Yong, not only do we support the promotion of our sales in China, but also of those of Japanese manufacturers, thanks to years of sales experience in China.

  • Futsal courts in Shanghai administrated by Long YongFutsal courts in Shanghai administrated by Long Yong
  • Supporting soccer schoolsSupporting soccer schools
  • Sales support in ChinaSales support in China

Uniform Division (Taiwan)

We started selling original cycling clothes since 2011. In Taiwan, cycling is a very popular sport: there are approximately 1 million cyclists. The marketing system is similar to Japan’s, with products being directly sold to end consumers.
In Taiwan, there are cycling roads everywhere in the streets. Many people spend their days-off cycling. On our homepage, customers can use the color simulator to design their own cycling clothes.


We started a partnership in 2012 with the famous Taiwanese cycling team “Colombus”. It is a strong team that is ranked among the top ones in Taiwan. Long Yong has worked with this team on their cycling clothes, and supports it entirely. Besides, our staff members in Taiwan are all fond of cycling. Some have already taken part in cycling competitions in Japan or China. So all of them endeavor to develop sales in Taiwan.

  • Team composed of our customersTeam composed of our customers
  • Team Long Yong (Colombus)Team Long Yong (Colombus)
  • Numerous participations in competitionsNumerous participations in competitions