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ONLY one The ONLY one Company Bearing Actual Results, Trust & Safety

Long Yong Japan's ideology is to be the "ONLY One", since we perform tasks that only Long Yong can perform, and provide services that only Long Yong can provide.

For that, we carry out our daily business always keeping in mind the three mainstays of this ideology: "actual results", "trust" and "safety".

  • Trust

    With Taiwan as a stepping stone, our business possesses a wealth of experience and achievements of many years.
    Long Yong has a deep insight into Chinese culture.

    For more than 20 years, Long Yong has extended several business operations from bases in Taiwan, China, Thailand, etc. Based on an abundant experience in overseas business spanning over many years, and after many attempts, we have managed to built our know-how in local cultures and human interaction. Yet, we do not allow ourselves to be satisfied with these results. Instead, we keep challenging ourselves everyday.

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  • Actual Results

    Japan Quality.
    Thorough management and instructions by a Japanese team.

    Under Long Yong's production management, all staff strive to meet the requests of various customers and take over the commitment to quality manufacturing, upon thorough understanding of each customer's perspective.

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  • Safety

    Own factories with integrated production system until secondary processing.
    Multi-variety small-lot production and QRM.

    Long Yong has a fully integrated production management system in place at its wholly-owned factories. We have deployed a working environment with all the machinery needed to manufacture products that match all customer requirements, by performing sewing, numerous printing techniques, embroidery and laser processing at our own factories.

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