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Long Yong Japan Corporation - The ONLY one Sports Apparel Manufacturer & OEM Bearing Actual Results, Trust & Safety. Please find below a presentation of our factories in China.

Integrated production system until secondary processing.
We also handle secondary processing in order to work on many kinds of products with a small amount of QRM.

Needless to say we pay particular attention to sewing quality control, in addition to the quality of our secondary processing, such as numerous printing techniques and embroidery. This is why our factories are equipped to be able to handle the whole processing.
For us to respond entirely to our customers’ requests, this processing is based on our company standards.
Furthermore, our factories are equipped with digital sublimation printing tools, which have received particular attention in recent years, enhancing our production results.

Watch the videos for more information about our facilities.

  • Silk Printing
    The connection of mass production lines and QR lines made possible the processing of various silk printing techniques, complying with our customers’ quality standards. Thus, we can process fabrics and knits together.
  • Digital Sublimation Printing
    We have about 20 large format dye printers, including Japanese MIMAKI printers. Ink is imported from Japan or the EU, since we are particular about colors.
  • Sublimation Press Machines (Rotary)
    We use 2 large format rotary press machines so that we can process polyester, fabrics, knits. They can also be used with textiles with a repeating pattern.
  • Sublimation Press Machines (Flat)
    We have 2 small format flat press machines, to print on a few products a personal or sponsor name, a jersey number, etc.
  • Embroidery Machines
    With our TAJIMA multi head embroidery machines, we process particular embroidery, such as direct embroidery, embroidered badges or patchworks.
  • Laser Processing Machine
    Complex textiles can be processed by using a laser processing compression machine: a laser helps cutting off seamless parts of a cloth for pockets or airing.
  • Transfer Press Machine
    Our 5 large and small transfer press machines, including HASHIMA machines, enable us to handle various types of compression.
  • Automatic Cutting Machines
    It is thanks to our automatic cutting machines made in Germany (CAM) that we achieve precise cutting and make high quality products.
  • Digital Transfer Printers
    By using specialized ink jet printers and plotters, we create a transfer sheet of an emblem or a jersey number to be compressed onto the product.