Japan Quality.
Thorough management and instructions by a Japanese team.

Long Yong Japan production management is based on Japanese standards and is done from a Japanese standpoint. Our production factory is wholly Japanese owned. We manufacture products in an environment we entirely control. This is where we do quality control, schedule management and build variety of systems. Our production factory is the heart of our unique cooperation, solidarity and trust. This is why we can make products for prestigious brands, professionals in addition to athletes who are members of the Japanese national team. We promise our customers that we manage the production of their brand products responsibly, from planning to material suggestions, based on a wealth of information and experience.

Working at Long Yong Japan (Tokyo/Osaka)

At Long Yong Japan (Tokyo/Osaka), we work on sales, product planning, material suggestions, production management, showroom business functionality.

Business negotiations & planning sessions

To respond to customers’ needs about cost verifications, schedule management and delivery, people in charge of exclusive sales will accompany customers from planning to production and delivery. Don’t hesitate to ask whatever you want regarding products.

Design & Branding

We do not only control manufacturing. We also provide customers with branding support, design suggestions, coordination by doing market research and always looking for new trends.

Showroom & Material Samples

For planning and business negotiations to go smoothly, we have showrooms in both our companies in Tokyo and Osaka. We also display many material samples, mostly from abroad (China, Taiwan). Please come and have a look!

Product Management

We perform a full-time management of our products: design, material procurement, specifications, material sturdiness, physical properties. This is why our cooperation with our sewing factory is brisk. Our system enables us to always understand progress made, by writing excellent sewing specifications in Chinese.

Material Procurement

All materials can be prepared: Japanese or foreign knits and fabrics. Besides, we are excellent at procuring various function processing material commonly used in sportswear, and at developing original materials to respond to customers request.